Acute treatment deals with a broad range of relatively minor ailments, examples being colds, strains and minor injuries, teething, stomach upsets, travel sickness and jetlag. It normally involves a brief consultation in which the specific symptoms will be matched to a remedy. Prescriptions can then be obtained from our office or a pharmacy.

All remedies dispensed by our practice are sourced from Helios Pharmacy (UK)

How much does treatment cost?
Our fees for acute prescribing start at €35


Much of our practice relates to Constitutional treatment. This generally occurs where a ‘chronic’ (ongoing) condition exists, e.g. skin complaints, recurrent headaches, persistent coughs, musculoskeletal disorders, menstrual problems including menopause, depression, anxiety and stress, allergies (for e.g. Hay Fever), asthma and recurring infections.

In constitutional cases the first consultation usually lasts about an hour and is used to establish the patients overall health profile. Information is collected regarding current symptoms, past medical history and any pertinent issues in relation to the medical history of their relatives, general lifestyle details are also noted, for example, food preferences, stress levels , sleeping patterns, overall energy levels and any other matters which could be helpful in selecting the best treatment / remedy for the patient.

Following consideration of the case a remedy is prescribed and a follow up (review) appointment is arranged, (usually about four weeks from the first appointment). The remedy may be in tablet or liquid form and is accompanied by appropriate instructions. Having taken their remedy the patient may notice some changes, some people experience an immediate increase in energy and a general sense of well being whilst in other cases ‘presenting’ symptoms may worsen slightly for a short time – generally this is an indication that the remedy is active and is a prelude to a healing response.

How long does treatment take?
This depends on your type of complaint and also the specific characteristics of the case. Practically every case is different so it can be difficult to assess the duration of treatment until the healing response has been established. A slow developing complaint or one that has been experienced for a considerable period of time (over several years) is likely to require a longer duration of treatment than those of recent origin.

All remedies dispensed by our practice are sourced from Helios Pharmacy (UK)

How much does treatment cost?
Fees for constitutional treatment are:-
Adult first consultation fee €100;
follow up appointments €70
Children/Juniorfirst consultation fee €70;
follow up appointment €60


At the first consultation your case history is taken, this includes a detailed history of your menstrual cycle, contraceptive usage and any other medical evidence which may be relevant – as homeopathy treats the whole person we also take into account any other ailments you may have or any relevant matters in relation to your family’s medical background.

Our treatment plan also uses charting methods (as used in natural family planning). This assists you with reading signs of fertility in your cycle (temperature changes, cervical mucous and changes in the cervix), and is especially useful where the cycle is irregular, as your menstrual pattern can be documented over the course of several cycles thereby enabling you to target intercourse at the most fertile time in your cycle.

What happens next?
Following the initial consultation we select/ supply an appropriate remedy together with a basal thermometer, fertility charts and relevant instructions. We generally organize a follow up appointment at this time (usually about four weeks from the first appointment) to review progress etc.

How long does treatment take?
This depends on the complexity of your cycle and any accompanying condition which may be present. Ideally it is recommended to have treatment over the course of three menstrual cycles before trying to conceive. Following that time treatment is recommended for another three cycles while actively trying to conceive – the foregoing is simply a guide as treatment is tailored to suit each individual.

How much does treatment cost?
A first consultation costs €155 and generally takes about one and a half hours. As previously explained it includes a review of your full case history and also cycle charting method training. All remedies, fertility charts and a thermometer are included in the fee.

Follow up appointments cost €75 and generally take 45 minutes.

All appointments at our clinic are strictly by prior arrangement, please email or phone to organise an appointment.